Adventure travellers hungry to live a once in a lifetime experience…

Wander to Ecuador The country of the 4 worlds in a unique, small-group adventure that is anything but typical

Get to the heart of Ecuador like a local, learn about their culture and take incredible Instagram photos of places that a regular group tour can’t visit using only your phone

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“Imagine waking up in the center of the world and take incredible photos that leave everyone speechless…

Dear Traveler 🌎✈

If you ever wanted to travel to Ecuador and live an authentic cultural experience…

The kind of adventure where you could literally have the freedom to visit new places and learn new things.

Then, this might be the most important page you’re going to read in a long time…

Here’s why:

2020 has not been the best year for everyone.

A character named COVID-19 has left us without trips for almost more than a year 😥.

And because of that, thousands of people are eager (more than ever) to travel.

But there’s a problem…

Travel will NEVER be the same.

Today, most people want to discover a place with safety and prefer to avoid mass tourism or big-bus (boring) itineraries.

They want to visit a new destination rather than one they’ve been to before.

And explore a country with hidden gems.

Just imagine this for a moment…

Traveling to the tallest mountain in the world

You walk around the clouds, enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend and slide in the snow at an impressive height of 5.100m.

Eating next to an amazing waterfall

Going along a path until you reach a magnificent view and the best of all, you can take a picture without having millions of people around you.

You finally free

That you can visit secret places around Ecuador, where you live like a local and learn the real culture of the country. Say goodbye to the “classic” tours.

This experience will change the way you travel forever

I’m going to be totally honest with you, my friend.

Ecuador’s biodiversity is largely what makes it so special and is all the more impressive considering the country’s small size.

Many people are always in awe of the variety of landscapes they can travel to.

But, you wouldn’t be able to visit them all with a classic tour.

Because they only focus on the most touristic places or things that nobody wants to go.

Nowadays travelers want a deep and authentic experience.

Unique, local, more personal, and more adventurous.

No one wants to stand in endless queues to see a monument anymore…

Nobody wants to travel in a massive group of people…

Neither waiting too long to watch something or running from one place to another.

You really can’t get to know a country that way.

Can you? 🤔

That’s why I created something absolutely unique.



Experience extreme, more adventurous situations and feel free with yourself at all times.


Immerse yourself in the culture of the country like a local. You will no longer be a tourist anymore, you will become a true traveler.


Collect moments not things. Live an experience that you will remember the rest of your life and form bonds of friendship around the world.


Let yourself be carried away by an innovative experience that will change the way you travel forever.


Because traveling means exploring new places, meeting new people and eating the traditional food of the country you are traveling to.

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TOTEM x PERIENCE Ecuador it’s not the typical tour…

Tour Overview and Essentials


This is an adventure trip and is designed for hiking through mountains, waterfalls, forests and lakes. You don’t need to be “fit”, nor will we climbing the Everest, however it is important that you are physically active.


We will be staying in hostels, shared rooms or Airbnbs exclusively for the group. All lodgings are previously analyzed so we don’t have any unforeseen events.


During the adventure we will have different types of transportation, sometimes we will travel by public bus, other we will have our own car to places that cannot be easily reached.


All breakfasts are included in the budget. We will have breakfast inside the hostels or in local restaurants near the areas. Other meals, each person is free to decide where to eat, so it is more flexible in terms of food restrictions.


We will visit a lot of nature and national parks around the country. We believe in responsible tourism and how we can conserve our planet to continue visiting hidden and unusual spots.


10 people or fewer, so you can go where big groups can’t. Forget about big buses, that’s not our style. We prefer a more familiar environment and share with friends.


THE CREW: We will have the opportunity to get to know each other more in depth, we will know what your interests are, what you want to take away from this experience and we will set ourselves a personal challenge to fulfill it at the end of the experience. We will be eating a delicious welcome dinner in a traditional Quito restaurant to get into the local culture of Ecuador from day one.

PEAK VISION: We will go to the Teleférico in Quito until we reach 3945 m height. When we reach the entrance, we’ll hike to the Rucu Pichincha mountain. Here you can watch the Andes landscapes and take pictures of the city. You have the option to swing on a swing and learn about the basics of photography with your phone.

ADVENTURE WATERFALL: We will visit one of the largest waterfalls that Ecuador has (60 m height approx.) We will walk through a hidden forest to watch several rivers and waterfalls along the way. Upon returning we will get on a tarabita to see the aerial view of the forest and the landscape.

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD: We venture as a local traveler, this will be the time to travel by public transport, knowing different routes and what the Ecuadorian culture is really like.

Upon arrival we will visit a volcanic crater and go to the real middle of the world.

IMBACOCHA: We will go to the northern part of Ecuador, the province of Imbabura, specifically to Lake San Pablo known as Imbacocha, we will practice landscape photography and how to edit photos so that they look spectacular on your Instagram. You will also learn about the indigenous culture of Ecuador.

CUICOCHA & PEGUCHE: We will walk around a 3 km lagoon, go on a boat inside the lagoon and we will be visiting a waterfall so you can bathe in its magical water.


AMONG THE CLOUDS: We will ascend to 4800 m height, one of the active volcanoes that Ecuador has. This will be the perfect time to learn about other people’s culture and tell stories that we will remember for a lifetime. We will practice how to take wide and close-up shots on your phone as well as adventure videos.

MAGICAL LAGOON: We will go to a volcanic crater lake, traveling from Cotopaxi to Quilotoa watching different landscapes while we arrive in another totally different area. You will be able to take pictures of the flora and fauna of the place, including lamas, alpacas and horses. A 30-minute kayak ride is a must to explore the lake.

EXTREME BAÑOS: Adventure waits around every corner, almost literally. We say goodbye to Quilotoa and travel south to Baños de Agua Santa. This little town is famous for its majestic nature and adventure activities. The perfect time to feel the adrenaline and freedom you were looking for.

AT THE END OF THE WORLD: We will visit the swing at the end of the world, play extreme games and learn how to capture your travel experience and share your story through video.

ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD: We will visit the Chimborazo refuge (the highest volcano in the world considered from the center of Earth), we will practice how to fly a drone, shoot and edit videos with an extraordinary view. Don’t forget to bring your coat because it’s very cold.

HIDDEN PARADISE: The hidden lagoons of Ecuador. Las lagunas de Atillo and Colta are little known paradise in Ecuador and there are practically no tourists, this is the opportunity to continue practicing how to take aerial photos with a drone and record unique moments.

Secret activity

GOODBYE: We’ll have our final group breakfast, reflect on the amazing days we had together, and head to the airport.

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Here’s what’s included in this trip…

What’s Included?

Breakfast everyday in all accommodations

14 nights in Airbnbs and 3-4 star accommodation

Tour leader and private transport

All entrance fees

Photography and videography sessions with mobile phone

Support and feedback throughout the experience

Group video calls before the experience (you will know some basic aspects of the trip, insurance, flights, rooms, payments and reservations – How to prepare for the experience, checklist, what to pack, how is the weather in Ecuador, what to wear, travel photography masterclass, among other things.

What’s Excluded?


Flights to Ecuador


Travel insurance (mandatory)


Pick up form airport


Transportation to/from Quito or Airport


Meals and activities not mentioned


Alcohol or any other extra activity


COVID Testing (If Required)


Additional Snacks, Meals and Drinks


Other gratuities


Jun. 10th – Jun. 23th of 2022

Jul. 22th – Aug. 4th of 2022 

Nº of participants:

Minimum: 5 people

Maximum: 10 people

Meet your host and travel buddy…

Hi, I’m Gabriel Zambrano, founder of, travel blogger, content creator and online business coach.

At the age of 8 I made my first trip to a foreign country, at 17 I solo traveled to Seattle, Wa to learn English, but it was until 2018 when I live one of the best experiences of my life.

I drop out of college and became obsessed with forging a career in the travel industry and being a digital nomad.

After traveling to many places around Ecuador and meeting people from 19 different countries I decided that it was time to create something unique, a travel experience where you remember for the rest of your life.

I’m excited to meet you and take you around Ecuador

(I have lived here my entire life, so you have the best guide)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is TOTEM x PERIENCE only in Ecuador?

Yes (for now). There will be other destinations.

Is Ecuador safe?

Generally, Ecuador is a safe country to travel to, however, like all countries, there are always some places that are not recommended to go. Regarding COVID, in all places it is mandatory to wear a mask at all times.

Do I need a travel insurance?

Yes. You are responsible for making sure you have travel insurance or medical aid that will cover you for any accidents, theft, or lost luggage.

Can I came solo?

Yes! Our retreats are for solo travellers, friends, and couples, who want to connect with a group of like-minded people and make long-lasting friendships. 

What do I need to pack?

You’ll receive a full packing list one month before the start of the trip. If you have any specific questions you’d like answered in the meantime, drop us an email at or reach out to instagram @gabiajando.

What is the activity level?

This is a fairly active trip. There will be lots of walking, hiking and exploring. However, the activities aren’t overly strenuous. If you have a moderate fitness level, you’ll be okay.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay via credit or debit card with PayPal and Stripe.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

Not at all. I am native Spanish speaker so if you don’t understand something I got your back. 

Have more questions?

Let’s have a friendly chat here.


If you book this experience with us and Covid-19 regulations change your plans, then we’ll rebook or refund you – even if the accommodation or experience provider won’t.

We know that flexibility on your booking is hugely important. That’s why we offer free cancellation, or changes to your booking.

If you are prevented from travelling by the implementation of Covid-19 restrictions in your departure country or destination after your date of booking, we will offer you the option to change your booking for free up to 48 hours before your date of travel, subject to availability.

In the event that we cannot change your booking dates, we will refund your booking in full following receipt of evidence to show that the restrictions were implemented after the date of your booking, including (but not limited to) evidence of flight cancellations, local lockdown restrictions, recommendations against travel and quarantine requirements.

Ready for your next adventure? 🌎✈

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